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On Sunday, May 6, the Philadelphia Freedom Band held an eventful concert exploring how music celebrates the elements.

It was a collection of pieces that are all linked in some way to the theme of "Elements." Since ancient times, man has made attempts to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances. Here is Philadelphia Freedom Band's take on that endeavor. From the deep, shimmering richness of Eric Whitacre's Lux Arumque to the brash clang of metal-on-metal in John Mackey's Foundry, this program brings into contrast the expansive variety of timbres accessible to the concert band's unique instrumentation. The true highlight of this season has been a modern composition called "Scootin' on Hardrock: Three Short Scat-Jazzy Dances," which whips every section of the ensemble into a rambunctious frenzy of sound.

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Yes, our marching band performs all year long. We have parades in the spring and summer, cheer sections (for local races) in the fall and even caroling around the holidays.

You can join at any time.

You may even see us as part of a flash mob here and there.

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