About Us

Our Mission

The Philadelphia Freedom Band seeks to be a place where anyone - LGBTQ+ and allies - can enjoy playing and performing music in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We are comprised of a wide variation of talented people, from beginners to college educated professional musicians. We come together to improve as individuals, perform for the public and be visible as folks who support the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome anyone who wants to play in our multiple bands (concert, marching and small ensembles) and understand our mission.

Concert Band

Our concert band holds two concerts annually, one in spring and the other in winter. We present a vast range of music, from classical pieces to pop tunes, centered on an interesting theme.

Our concerts are always free to the public, and also feature a raffle of donated items to help raise money for the band.

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Marching Band

Our marching band performs in parades throughout the greater Philadelphia region all year long. We have parades throughout the spring and summer, cheer sections for local races in the fall, and even caroling around the holidays! You can find us at events across the greater Philadelphia region, from Allentown, to Asbury Park, to downtown Philly.

We're always welcoming new musicians, color guard members, or volunteers to serve as band aides. Join us!

Cover for PFB in SPACE. Spring 2019 concert.Cover for A Musical Feast. Winter 2018 concert.Cover for Elements. Spring 2018 concert.Cover for Transformations. Winter 2018 concert.Cover for Water Is Life. Spring 2017 concert.

NoteWorthy Moments

Our band has made history in many ways. Click the picture and learn more.