Philadelphia's Community Band - we welcome anyone who can read music.

Play with us!

Our new concert season begins Monday, January 21 at 7 pm at Arch Street United Methodist Church.

If you know how to read music, you belong here.

A Musical Feast

The Philadelphia Freedom Band celebrated its tenth anniversary on Sunday, December 9th!

Nothing nourishes the soul quite like sharing a delicious and lovingly prepared meal with friends. It is customary to choose a special restaurant or favorite food to honor milestones in our lives, and that’s precisely what PFB has decided to do this year, with one caveat: every course of the meal we’re serving is meant to be consumed aurally.

We toasted to the genius of Bernstein, nibbled and noshed to the sound of Saint-Saens, stretched our belts to the beefiest of Copland’s works, and cleansed ours palates with some Schumann. For dessert, we had multiple scrumptious sounds.

Marching Band - All Year Long

Yes, our marching band performs all year long. We have parades in the spring and summer, cheer sections (for local races) in the fall and even caroling around the holidays.

You can join at any time.

You may even see us as part of a flash mob here and there.

We are very proud to be supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

We are a proud member of the Lesbian & Gay Band Association.

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